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Millions of people are injured and almost fifty thousand Americans die on U.S. highways each year. Auto accident injuries are often serious and include whiplash, bone, joint and muscle injuries, head and brain injuries, and paralysis. The truth is that the overwhelming majority of automobile crashes are caused by careless behavior that needlessly endangers others. Below you will find the reason why a Car Accident Attorney is so important.

Anderson SC Car Accident Attorney

Shocking as these statistics may be, even more, disturbing is the fact that many of these auto accidents and the resulting injuries are preventable. Usually, a violation of one of the common-sense rules of the road leads to serious injuries. Alcohol and drugs also play a major factor in causing a motor vehicle crash. Recently, texting and driving have become one of the most dangerous hazards on the roadway.

How can we make our Anderson highways safe and free from Car Accidents?

Two Car Fender Bender

The first thing that we as a community must do is to hold those who consistently violate our highway laws accountable. Additionally, it is important for the general public to understand that Car wrecks usually not “accidents”. As we said earlier the majority of car crashes are caused by someone being careless and thereby needlessly endangering other motorists and pedestrians. Here are some common sense Rules of the Road that we are required to follow:

  • A driver must always keep a proper lookout for other vehicles.
  • A Driver must always operate his/her vehicle at a safe and proper speed.
  • A driver must yield the right of way when entering a roadway.
  • A Driver must keep his car or truck in his/her lane of travel unless it is safe to move out of your lane.
  • A Driver must not pass another vehicle unless it is safe to do so taking into consideration all of the factors present on the roadway.
  • A driver must keep a safe distance between his/her vehicle and the vehicle in front of them.

There are many other rules of the road that we must follow every time we get behind the wheel of a car or truck. It is easy to ignore these basic and common-sense rules however when drivers violate these rules they needlessly endanger the public. The cost of these violations can be seen on the front page of the paper every week when we read about a serious injury or death resulting from a motor vehicle collision.

Should I consult a car accident lawyer if I am injured in a car wreck?

Yes, it is always important to protect your rights and have a full understanding of the law and how it relates to your car wreck and injuries. Often times there is no need to file a lawsuit but every person injured in a car wreck should take the time to speak with a qualified South Carolina Car Wreck attorney to determine the best course of action.

At Thomason and Pracht, LLP we have handled a number of car wreck cases and have an in-depth understanding of how the claims process works. If warranted in your case our office will file a lawsuit on your behalf and guide you through the complexities of civil litigation. We offer FREE CONSULTATIONS FOR CAR WRECK INJURY CASES. Please do not hesitate to call our office if you have been injured by the wrongdoing of another.

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