Probate Estate Litigation Attorney in Anderson, SC


Estate Administration The probate process can be a difficult time for families. It’s hard to lose someone you love, and then have to deal with all of the financial and legal complexities resulting from a non-administered estate. Thomason and Pracht, LLP  attempts to streamline the estate administration process and make it as simple, efficient, and understandable as possible. We try to conduct the administration in a way that avoids disputes with creditors and between family members. Estate administration is necessary, and Thomason and Pracht, LLP  tries to make it as easy as possible for families to get through it as painlessly and quickly as possible.

Estate administration in the State of South Carolina entails the following:

Parent holding two children

  • File an application for the appointment of a Personal Representative
  • Notification of estate beneficiaries and heirs
  • Collection of assets, determination of liabilities, and filing of an Inventory and Appraisement with the Court
  • Publication of Notice to Creditors
  • Payment of legitimate and enforceable estate debts and expenses
  • Distribution of assets pursuant to the Will (if any) or according to the laws of intestate succession (the statutes governing distribution if there is no Will)
  • Request for approval of the estate accounting and distribution, request for discharge of the Personal Representative and to close the estate

To begin the estate administration process, make an appointment with Thomason and Pracht, LLP. Bring the following documents:

  • Certified death certificate
  • Original Last Will and Testament and Personal Property Memorandum (if any)
  • Names and addresses of all beneficiaries named in the Will and names and addresses of the Decedent’s heirs (heirs are the persons who would inherit under the laws of intestacy)
  • A list of known assets and liabilities

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