Juvenile Defense Attorney in Anderson and Greenville, SC

When children under the age of 17 are accused of violating the law, they are referred to the Department of Juvenile Justice and the Family Court for disposition of those charges. While some more serious charges against juveniles may be dealt with in adult court (general sessions) most juvenile cases are handled in Family Court.

How Your Child Is Represented in Family Court

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Judges, rather than a jury, determine the facts in a juvenile case. Juveniles are either adjudicated delinquent or not by the Judge. If a Judge finds a juvenile delinquent for violating the law, several different types of punishment may be imposed ranging from a fine or probation to secure detention.

Parents are required to provide a lawyer for their child accused of a violation of the law that is pending before the Family Court. If the family does not qualify for the services of the Public Defender, a private attorney will need to be hired to represent the child.

Our Juvenile Defense Attorney – Nancy Jo

Nancy Jo has been representing juveniles regularly since she was a Public Defender for juveniles in 2000. She was a member of the South Carolina Board of Juvenile Parole for six years, one of which she served as President.

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